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Higher Elevations is not your typical head shop. The HEMP was born at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. HEMP offers high end quality glass by our fantastic glass blowers with the owners having over 25 years combined glass experience. Our crew of 8 blowers to help deliver the glass shop you demand with a selection of quality pipes only blowers can deliver. HEMP is also the only head shop in Colorado Springs where you can watch our tallented artisans work with liquid glass.


Amazing Customer Service

Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions is the birthplace of  the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha Vaporizers, and most of our glass blowers. From HEMP the company grew and 7th Floor LLC was able to bring you the Life Saber, Super Surfer, and SideKick Vaporizers! All the while we never forgot about our high quality glass pushing ourselves to make better and better glass for our customers.


Quality Glass and Vape Accessories

HEMP has all you need for smoking or vaping, this includes water filters, pipes, and lighters. All vape accessories you could need such as custom wands, knobs, mouthpieces, aroma tops, and any other vaporizer accessories you can think of.


Glass Repair and Custom Orders

At HEMP we can put in custom orders for glass, give us your imagination and we will turn it to glass reality.  Though repairing glass is hit and miss occasionally we can attempt to repair your broken glass, however be warned repairing glass is very difficult and we are not responcible for glass that can not be repaired or that breaks again during the repair process.


Located in Colorado Springs

Located in beautiful Colorado Springs at 1323 Paonia St. just off Omaha and Powers. HEMP is open between 10am and 8pm, our head shop houses the epic glass from our blowers and has all that is needed to repair your Silver Surfer or Da Buddha Vaporizer.


Our Elev8 Glass Gallery


We also have a second head shop: Elev8 Glass Gallery. We have even more for sale here. Located in downtown Colorado Springs at 517 S Tejon St., and open from 10am to 8pm, it ensures you always have an alternative site to buy awesome vaporizers, vape accessories, and high quality glass!


Liquid Art Glass Sessions

 We offer glass blowing sessions to those who are interested in learning the art of working with liquid glass, speak with one of our customer service reps at HEMP or Elev8 Glass Gallery for more information.